Sacha Décosterd partners

Among the many titles that the Swiss rising star has obtained so far, Sacha became European Champion in 2012, World Champion International Budokai Kan (IBK) Kyokushin in 2011 and Swiss National Champion from 2009-2011.

Some of his more recent major titles were received in March 2014 for The Copa America in Miami, competing in the <80kg category. In the same category, Sacha was also awarded the title of  Champion for the Open Portugal World Independent Budo Kai (WIBK) in June 2014.

In order to finance his karate activities, including material and travel costs to participate in combats and championships, Sacha is looking for sponsors that believe that his 20 years of training with renowned masters, his repeated successes and numerous titles and awards, are worth investing in.

The Swiss karateka is determined to continue his training and aspires to persevere on his path towards new challenges and experiences that will allow him to grow in his martial art, but also humanely. 


The values conveyed by the Kyokushin, his martial art, are represented by his Dojo-Kun (training hall rules outlining behavior expected and disallowed). In essence, they are as follows:

  • To have an unwavering spirit, we educate our body and mind (education)
  • We observe the profound meaning of martial arts, in order to understand it one day (quest of knowledge)
  • We firmly seek to maintain a sense of abnegation (selflessness)
  • We observe the rules of courtesy towards our peers and respect our masters, always avoiding acts of violence (respect/non-violence)
  • We respect the beliefs of each individual and will not forget the true merits of humility (team spirit/ humbleness)
  • Without any other aim, we aspire to wisdom and mental strength (serenity/resistance)
  • Throughout our whole life, we will seek to attain and accomplish the true meaning of “The way of Kyokushinkai” (perseverance/endurance)

In addition to the Dojo-Kun values, Kyokushin karate promotes good health and wellness through physical exercise, healthy eating and living. It is a way of life that ensures a good body and mind equilibrium and enables individuals to attain self-fulfillment.


If your company, brand or institution believes that you have values in common with Sacha’s Kyokushinkai and Dojo-Kun, then you are most likely a perfect partner.

Over the years, Sacha has received the support of a number of organizations: companies, institutions or brands. He thanks them for believing in him.

Sponsoring Benefits

Your sponsoring benefits will depend on the type of partnership that you conclude with Sacha. Your corporations will gain direct visibility at competitions, trainings and in the press. Furthermore, the association in between Sacha’s karateka Dojo-Kun values and your brands’ values will be mirrored. Thus, your common values will be enhanced and your brand will profit from this visibility and perhaps new brand awareness will emerge or be strengthened through this partnership.


As a sponsor, your main benefit will be to obtain visibility during the karateka’s national and international competitions.


Furthermore, Sacha is regularly in the press and has obtained a large amount of media coverage in Switzerland and abroad (see Sacha in the Press section). As a partner you will receive brand visibility on these occasions too.

Logo visibility:

Your logo will be visible on:

  • Clothing: Sacha’s Swiss team attire (worn for trainings, at events, during competitions and interviews)
  • Websites and social media: Your logo and your website link will be included on these platforms
  • Specialized shows/tv interviews about Sacha Décosterd
  • Banners at the Geneva Kyokushin Karate Club

Types of sponsoring

There is a whole range of sponsoring opportunities for the organizations that will support Sacha Décosterd. Details will be discussed and determined directly with your enterprise.

  • Gold Sponsor: 100’000 CHF
  • Silver Sponsor: 50’000 CHF
  • Bronze Sponsor: 25’000 CHF
  • Tailor-made Sponsoring: Sacha is open to specific requests or ad-hoc commitments

For further information on sponsoring Sacha, please contact:

Jessica Vincent, PR & Communications Consultant:



Listed, you will find the most prestigious titles that Sacha has obtained so far in his promising career:





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Main Events

  • 22-23 October 2016: Kyokushin World Karate Championship Tournament, Japan
  • February 2016: Kyokushin World Belt (middle weight category), Holland
  • Mai 2016: European Championship, Bulgary
  • Main Objectif: October 2019: The 12th World Open Karate Tournament (open weight category, Tokyo Gymnasium, Tokyo-Japan